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Checkout our Meet The Artist events, live-streamed into Decentraland and now available on Vimeo

Our 1st Event - Watch on Vimeo
Our 2nd Event - Watch on Vimeo

Visit our gallery at -119,80

Artists include: Carole Ann Danner, Yonat Vaks, Money Alotta, Youl, CryptoScorpio,Vesa, Tom Badley, Primal Cypher, Giosue Marongiu, Stina Jones, Kitty Bast, Pascal Boyart, Lee Holland, Trevor Jones

NFT Gallery

Checkout all the awesome artwork donated to our Gallery address! OpenSea - Gallery - (Some artwork may be 18+)

Decentraland doesn't require any special software, it is accessible via a PC or Mac running Chrome or Firefox but isn't currently accessible via mobile devices. MetaMask is optional to enable additional features.

Our next Physical Art Gallery will take place alongside CoinFestUK on November 25th to 28th 2021 grab a free ticket to the event below:

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Our Crypto Art Event (As part of CoinFestUK) will include:

Lee Holland

Trevor Jones

Tom Badley

Hodlr Rocks

Carole Ann Danner

Alex Shell Art

Giosue Marongiu

Eppo Leemburg


Martin Fischer [CYPHERPUNK NOW]

Alotta Money


Stina Jones



Kitty Bast


Easy B


Barry John MBE

Debra Angel


Paolo Gambi

Andy Seize

Sidewalk Bitcoin Launch Event - 8th Sep 2019

Trevor Jones


Tom Badley

Lee Holland


Pascal Boyart

In partnership with SidewalkBitcoin

Our 2019 Crypto Art Event (As part of CoinFestUK) included:

Lee Holland

Trevor Jones



Block Designs

Cristiana Vettor

Giosue Marongiu

Hodlr Rocks

Mosaic Rocks

Our Previous Crypto Art Event (As part of CoinFestUK) have included:

Toon Punk

Michal Cander



Mark Mace Smith

Pantelis Roussakis

Satoshi Graphics

Event Photos

Sidewalk Bitcoin Event Photos: Google Gallery.

2019 Event Photos: Google Gallery.

2017 Event Photos: Google Gallery.

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